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Medical Pilot is an explosive, guitar driven alternative rock band. With stellar riffs, brilliant melodies, and an engaging stage presence, Medical Pilot exemplifies the exact kind of band that you want to go out and see! Their first foray was a five-track release in 2015 named The Same EP, followed up by a pair of releases in 2017 – an eponymous EP early in the year, and a two-track effort later in the year that featured a cover of Tragically Hip’s Grace Too. Their latest effort is a 3 track EP - “Painting Pictures and Telling Stories” that takes listeners by the hand and thrusts them across a musical spectrum. Focused almost equally on both riffs and melodies, never afraid to experiment, their journey finds four members singing at one point or another in their journey so far. Their songs sometimes somber, sometimes pleading, and then other times soaring and reaching.


Guitar/Vocals - Dexter Twardzik

Guitar/Vocals - Jon Rembowski

Guitar/Vocals - Jesse Rubuliak

Bass/Vocals - Daniel Blade

Drums - Phil Rodda



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ep cover jpg.jpg

Painting Pictures & Telling Stories

by Medical Pilot